Selling Your Home

If you are putting your home on the market to sell, I’m sure your goal will be to sell for the highest possible price and as quickly as possible but one of the most common questions is how to determine what price and if it will be reasonable?  This where I come in as your real estate representative.

I take a “clients-first” approach to each listing and use my marketing education and keen financial services experience to aggressively market each property until we have your home sold and closed.

To get started, we’ll schedule a Personal Consultation where I will visit your home, do an assessment of your property to determine its Current Market Value, listen to your home selling concerns and answer any questions you might have in order for you to fully understand all the factors that go into setting the price.  I will give you my professional opinion as to how much your home may sell for and how long it might take so you can make an informed decision.

(If you haven’t sold a home before, keep in mind that I work on contingency; I only get paid when your home sells)

This consultation gives us both the opportunity to get to know one another and to see if there’s a good fit. You’ll learn how I work, how I market and sell homes, and how I attend to my clients’ needs.

If you plan to purchase another home in the area, we can talk about that too!  In fact, there are significant advantages to having me help you with both transactions.

After this consultation, although most people are eager to get started with me as their agent, there’s no obligation  ~this is a get acquainted meeting only, so let’s meet!


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